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“Brijit, Baron’s Beloved”

Mamman Brigitte is a lwa that is European in origin, the wife of Baron Samedi, together they are the head of the Ghede family of vodou lwa! Brigitte comes from the Scottish and Irish sent to Ayiti who suffered through indentured servitude. Not as horrible and … Continue reading

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The Candle Lighter Awards!

   My blog was recently awarded the “One Lovely Blog” and “Candle Lighter award” by Raven of Leyla and her blog Ravenwood:   I am delighted to receive these awards and here I award my candles to:         Raven! The lovely lady who awarded me: reading

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

   My lovely New Years day was spent dancing the night and the wee hours of the morning away with family and friends at Pure, my favorite club. The party rock crew was hanging out on the strip waiting for … Continue reading

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