My Offerings for the Lwa…

On this page I display some of my offerings for the lwa. Offerings may differ with each vodou house and tradition such as in New Orleans Voodoo, Haitian Vodou. Dominican Vodou etc..
 But once you know what the lwa like and anything you offer to them with goodness in your heart you can’t go wrong!

Snapshot of my coffee offering for Legba.

 Legba drinks rum, wine, Trempe but he also enjoys a nice cup of coffee! Usually black with no sugar but I like to give him special cocoa flavored coffee with no sugars From Godiva. Godiva makes good coffees but their candies are delicious too, so of course I give him the best candies and chocolates!

Snapshot of An offering of peanuts and Coconut milk for Legba.

Papa Alegba likes peanuts, a staple food for many of the lwa. I also give him Coconut milk.  

Snapshot of my Legba earrings, Consecrated jewelry for the lwa.

 These little gems are special consecrated earrings I wear to honor Legba. I tug at them and I think of him and ask for his guidance. The cross symbols represent the crossroads where Legba resides.

Photo of me and my special earrings for Papa Alegba! Copyright c. 2011

 I like to honor my met tet with traditional ritual but also with everyday things! My clothes, my accessories,  my routine! I communicate daily with my met tet and I incorporate his colours and symbols into my daily life! 
  I purchased these special, consecrated earrings for my met tet and i wear them for him all the time! This is me posing at  Rio’s “Vodou lounge” with my earrings for Legba! 


Snapshot of my Skeleton key set for Papa Alegba. Copyright c. 2011

 I leave these keys for him upon my altar, this set was apart of the inspiration for my oil painting,      “Papa Alegba, little good Legba” where he holds a ring of keys around his arm.  The keys are symbolic, they represent Legba’s ability to open the gate to the spirit world and connect us.

Holding up my skeleton key offering for Papa Legba. Copyright c. 2011

 When  I first learned that I am a child of Legba a while ago, I scurried to purchase gifts and offerings for him and to place upon my altar for him. I found a neat iron cast model of some old-fashioned skeleton keys online and I got them for his altar.

Some of my offerings for Ogoun, Mangoes, and Rum! Copyright c. 2011

  I love doing services for Ogoun he gets me energized and pumped up! Feels like I drank a few cans of Red Bull when he’s around, he truly can bless you with a boost of your own personal power! I give Ogoun fresh Mangoes and Red Apples, I purchase the Braeburn if the store is out of Red Rome Apples.  Of course a nice bottle of Rum for him, but he also drinks Whiskey!


Photo of my offering of Pink Champagne for Erzulie Freda Dahomey. Copyright c. 2011

Freda prefers the finer things in life, from her drinks, to her clothes and all the accessories apart of her special  “toilette.” Whenever I do a nice service for Freda I always go out and get her a nice bottle of Pink Champagne! Splurge on Erzulie and she will splurge on you!

Photo of some of my offerings for Papa Alegba! Copyright c. 2011

   This photo shows some of the offerings I have for Papa Alegba. His walking cane, a nice clay pipe, a bottle of Rum, and sweets!  Legba likes Coconut, I often give him fresh Coconuts, cracked open and ready to eat, or I give them to him in candies. I have Coconut flavored M&M’s and some yummy Mounds treats. Legba also likes Cigars, I always try to get him the nice Cigars. I light red and white candles for him, his lovely ceremonial colors! In New Orleans style Vodou, Papa is known to enjoy a big heaping helping of Red Beans and Rice, so of course I often cook up some Zatarain’s for him!

Photo of my offerings for Legba! Copyright c. 2011

My photo of Rum, Red Wine, and Copper Pennies for Papa Alegba. Copyright c. 2011

    Papa Alegba also takes a nice glass or bottle of Red Wine as an offering and he is fond of bright Copper pennies. I alternate between wine and rum drinks for Legba.

Holding a few pennies for Papa Alegba. Copyright c. 2011

       Papa Alegba likes bright, shiny, copper pennies and you can leave them out at the crossroads for him, or keep them on your altar.

My photo of my baking supplies for Legba's treats. Copyright c. 2011

 Papa Alegba is given traditional offerings in Vodou, but he is known to enjoy candies, sweets, and Coconut. I often bake cupcakes and soak them in rum, topped off with creamy frosting and Coconut sprinkles!

Photo of pork, seasoned and ready to sizzle in the pan! Copyright c. 2011

   In Haitian vodou, a black Creole pig is the traditional animal sacrifice for Erzulie Dantor.  I am not able to perform animal sacrifice for Dantor, but I do cook some Pork and give her a bottle of Creme De Cacao!


My silver jewelry offering for Dantor. Copyright c. 2011

      Here I have a nice Silver chain and matching ring for Erzulie Dantor upon the space I’ve dedicated to her. She loves silver jewelries and also adores the sweet smelling Rev D’ Or parfum.

Sharing international food with Papa Legba. Buckwheat.

 I often cook and create meals and share them with Papa Alegba! No, he may not materialize, pop up, and start eating all the food I cook, LOL. But an offering is a symbol of gratitude, appreciation, love, and I know Legba loves my cooking and the treats I give him. It is one of the many everyday interactions I have with my met tet. With me from birth to death, my guardian, my rock, I will always give him my best! This photo above is a package of Buckwheat Kernels from Russia, it is a delicious international dish that is simple to cook, just like rice. My Lubov (my love, I call my husband that) comes from that old snowy country, and he taught me how to cook this dish among others I’ve learned from him. When we make it, I always save a nice heaping helping for Papa Legba!

Snapshot of an international food I share with Papa Legba, Buckwheat in the pot.

 Buckwheat is a healthy and tasty meal, it cooks easily like brown rice and it has a nutty and crisp flavor. My lubov grew up eating this, a popular everyday meal in the CCCP.

Some toys and playthings for Papa Legba. Legba is said to enjoy the things of children and childhood.

 Papa Alegba is an old, wise and powerful lwa but he is also youthful and he is said to enjoy the things of children. He is playful, loves to have fun and play tricks on people but not to cause harm to anynone. Small toys and playthings for Legba can be found on altars for him everywhere. I keep a little collection of toys for Legba near my altar for him. I have a Cute little Cheburashka doll for Legba, that I bought while visiting friends in Brighton Beach New York, an international toy that comes from Russia. Cheburashka is like the Hello Kitty of his country, a gremlin whose famous sidekick is Krokodil Gena, that follows him everywhere. I keep teddy bears and stuffed animals as well for Legba. Light and fluffy things that bring back youthful and childlike times for him as well as I. It is always nice to keep your youth even when you grow old and gray. Papa Alegba loves to be given books as offerings, I have coloring books I keep for him and when we have “playtime” I lay out all the good crayola sets I have and we color, lol!

Snapshot of my offering for Papa Legba, a Cheburashka doll. Copyright c. 2011


Snapshot of my toy offering for Papa Alegba, Cheburashka, a famous international toy, icon and cartoon from Russia. Copyright c. 2011

 When I first started learning to speak a little russian, my Lubov taught me how to sing the Cheburashka theme song, Galyboy Vagon, “Blue Wagon.” It Is an adorable song for the cartoon and it talks about how Cheburashka came to be known and how he was given his name. I have not yet become completely fluent in Russian language and proper grammar with the Cyrillic alphabet. But I have started with this song and at least I can sing it! LOL! I collect Cheburashka items myself, my Lubov got me hooked on him. But I have a special collection I dedicated to Papa Alegba along with the other toys for him.  In the photo above Cheburashka is holding a star with the word “Dog” in Cyrillic letters. I thought it would be perfect for Legba since Canines are sacred to him.

For more Information on Cheburashka or to start collecting him, visit here:

18 Responses to My Offerings for the Lwa…

  1. cheshirecatman says:

    Thanks for sharing this–I like to see what others offer to the lwa (sometimes I tend to be too conservative about offerings). I love the key set!

  2. Hey Cat! I found those keys on Ebay, they feel like real old time keys. Its good to be conservative to keep tradition going!

  3. Bokor Marco Bergmann prepares and bakes a special Carribean Banana Bread for Papa Alegba in this video:

  4. Androgoth says:

    You have certainly offered a lot of interesting
    pictures with this fine posting my friend 🙂

    I do hope that you are having a nice week 🙂


  5. Nightcat Mau says:

    These offferings are wonderful! It makes me happy to see Legba get toys since mine has plenty of them.

  6. Carol says:

    I so love your blog!! I am trying to learn all I can, and was searching for items to place on my altar for Erzulie and Legba. I have found everything here! I just am so glad i found you. Thank you.

  7. Carol says:

    I will be a regular here now. I wish I knew all that you knew. But I’ll get there one of these days, and your blog will definitely help me. Thank you!

    • If you really want to learn more about vodou, connect with a mambo or houngan in your area or which ever is closest to you. Vodou is different from house to house and society to society. You can also read nice books from some vodou peoples who share their knowledge.

  8. Carol says:

    I would love to find a mambo or houngan. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. So I don’t know how to find that person here. I have been following the New Orleans type Vodou from books I have by Denise Alvarado. That is where most of my learning is from and also from the Lucky Mojo site. I just love it all! I’m working with Erzulie Freda and Papa Legba now, and I am so happy to know there are a lot of nice but sometimes simple things that they like as offerings, some I learned from your awesome pages here that I did not know about.

  9. Carol says:

    There is a woman in Baltimore who owns a little shop that has a lot of vodou and hoodoo items. She seems to know a lot about it, and that is where I buy most of my things, candles, oils, et cetera. But I am not sure she is a mambo.

    • Well that’s great you have a local shop to go to!!

      You can learn new orleans voodoo hoodoo from her Denise Alvarado is great for learning about new orleans voodoo and history too and then if you wanted to learn about others like haitian vodou you can find a mambo/houngan on the east coast!!

  10. Carol says:

    Thank you. At some point I will begin searching for someone, or I may even ask the woman who owns the shop I go to about this. Thank you for your suggestions!

  11. Laura says:

    I have a question…what do you do with all the food and drink offerings?? Do you leave them all outside or throw the away? Thanks 🙂

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