About Erzulie Red Eyes Art and Spirit


Me posing next to my life-sized painting titled “Roma-Amor.” Life-sized is the best so put your wall space to the test!           Copyright c. 2011

My name is Saundra Elise Ziyatdinova, I was born In Los Angeles, California back In the 80’s. The lwa are like guardian angels to me, they have always been there for me in my life, with things big and small. And for them and their light in my life, I will be forever grateful! This is my blog for the Vodou spirits and my creative expression/artistic interpretation of their symbolic veves AND their character. I will be creating an artistic image for the lwa based upon their characteristics. There are hundreds of lwa! And everyone has their own unique powers and personalities. I created this blog to display some of the veves of the lwa and my own artwork and sketches for them! Many artists have their own artwork and interpretations of the lwa, especially in Haiti and New Orleans, Louisiana. These are my own original artistic interpretations of the lwa. I also have some of my older and newer original artwork on my blog here, with different subjects and themes that I like to work with. I chose the title, Erzulie Red Eyes, because for me this lwa (Erzulie Dantor) symbolizes my own inner strength and power as a woman! It is said that Erzulie Red Eyes is a seperate spirit that walks so closely with Metres Dantor that she is often considered to be Dantor. I have been researching Vodou since I was little and now I serve the lwa and especially my met tet, regularly.
Always felt drawn to the spirits, so I do believe in the saying that “The spirits choose you.”

My photo of Papa Alegba’s veve on my wall near my altar Copyright c. 2011

Vodou/voodoo is NOT evil and I won’t stand for the old religious persecution game.       If you don’t believe, that’s OK, If you do, that’s OK too! I know the truth of my beliefs, no  amount of stereotypes, or popular and confident lies promoted in the media will deter my faith, so don’t bother with the “voodoo is evil” lines! God gives us free will, believe what you choose, I never force people to believe what they don’t want to believe.                         And I never allow people to teach me lies and stereotypes about my own beliefs.

Me, I believe in God and I serve god first and after god the lwa!   AYI BOBO!!

 From my dear friend and fellow vodou child in Germany, Bokor Marco Bergmann, video from his “Let’s Talk About Vodou” series: Vodou art featuring some of my artwork for the lwa!:


77 Responses to About Erzulie Red Eyes Art and Spirit

  1. cheshirecatman says:

    I’ve been enjoying your site and I love your paintings!

  2. MetresDantor says:

    May God and the spirits continue to bless you abundantly..Ayibobo..!

  3. Hello, thank you. I do this for myself and the lwa, it makes me feel more in tune with my inner self when I paint.

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  5. Hey CheshireCat thank you very much!

  6. Regicide23 says:

    Your ART is LOVE

  7. Keep up the excellent work , I read few content on this website and I believe that your blog is very interesting and has got sets of fantastic info .

  8. occultoantonio says:

    Beautiful your blog. Thank you for sharing. i follow you.

  9. I love your art!! I’m following you now 🙂 x

  10. Victoria Porter says:

    A true follower of Voodoo? I’ve been looking for you! Seriously, I’d love to learn all about it. I live in Louisiana (near Shreveport) born and raised. Voodoo has always held a fascination for me, but I don’t know much about it. I spent seven years as a Catholic only to leave the Church due to disagreements with its public and political policies. I’m on a spiritual journey now to learn as much as possible about as many faiths as possible. Voodoo interests me because it’s part of Louisiana heritage. I’m also interested in how it blends with Catholicism. If you’d like to have a chat about it, feel free to e-mail me at nerdygothchick@gmail.com. Nice meeting you!

    • Hello Victoria! Nice meeting you as well! Yes Vodou and magic has always been in my life since I was little. Vodou is one of the great African Traditional Religions and perhaps it may be a path of light in your life for you! There are great Mambos and Houngans all over the globe and here in the USA. Good luck to you in whatever mystical road you choose! Thanks for visiting!

  11. Victoria Porter says:

    I have nominated you for the 7 x7 Link Award. See my post for more information: http://victoriaporter.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/7-x-7-link-award/

  12. Hello Victoria thank you very much!!!

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  14. Cool art! And some unusual interests! Thanks for visiting 🙂 You have a very interesting blog here!

  15. Viveka says:

    Want to thank you .. for your liking – hope you will like part 1 too .. published a couple of days ago. Can see you have your roots in NOLA. You have a very colorful thing going on here … just like New Orleans … full of color and spirit.

  16. julez52 says:

    hi saundra thanks for the like, your artwork is great

  17. Thank you for checking out my painting The Visitor! 😀 You’re doing some very cool artwork as well! BIG canvas! 😀

  18. Ad V~ says:

    Hi Saundra, thanks for visiting my blog and the like!
    I love your paintings, they’re quite the style I like!

  19. laz says:

    Wow, love your art!!! Is funny but being Cuban we have the religion of ” Santeria” and I was reading the blog of Lwa. is that for Elegua? Is just funny how similar the words are… Looking foward to seeing more of your beautiful ART!!!

  20. Beautiful art! Your soul and goodness really shines through. Bless xx

  21. Thank you for the visit and liking my most recent post
    Will follow
    All the best, Jenny

  22. petchary says:

    I am SO glad you left a note on my blog. Now I have discovered you!! Your art is really beautiful and striking. I am going to show it to my husband later (he is Jamaican, I am English by birth and yes you are right, you don’t have to be a clone of the one you love!!) We have three or four original Haitian works of art on our walls – I will take photos and share them with you. My Dad always used to be afraid of one of them, but I think they are very powerful spiritually. Please visit my blog again and I will visit yours – I am now following you. By the way I live in Kingston, Jamaica as you may know. I am going to explore some of the other links you have shared. All the best!

  23. antyhennessy says:

    I was first very interested in your art work, but reading about you and your connection with vodou – just wow! I don’t know much about it, but it’s always intrigued me like other religions and belief systems 🙂 I especially love your projects mixing both your art and your faith. It makes for fantastic work and a fascinating read! 🙂

  24. Steven L. Campbell says:

    Thanks for visiting and liking my site.
    Your art is sincerely wonderful and beautiful.

  25. Mona says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am interested in reading more of your fascinating work.

  26. Zouxzoux says:

    Your art and blog is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my place because now I have found you! I have a couple of friends who practice Vudou and I’m fascinated by the religion but confess I don’t know much about it. Maybe that will change now that I found this blog. You might be interested in some photos I took a couple of years ago at Ms Sallie Ann Glassman’s temple. Here’s the link:
    Bywater Tour 009


  27. Stacy Lyn says:

    Wow – what an interesting background you have, Saundra. Your artwork reminds me of West African art – some Animist (aka Voodoo) influence, some Christian. I have posted many pictures of my travels throughout West Africa.

    I would suggest your reading the idie book Voodoo at Cafe Puce. http://www.neworleansvoodoocrossroads.com/book.html. It’s a very interesting read of a French woman who adopted Lacombe, LA as home and Voodooism as her faith. She wrote in tandem with a New Orleans native, also a Voodoo practicioner.

  28. My Tropical Home says:

    All I can say is “Wow!”

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a “like”.

    Warm Regards,
    Mary, from the Philippines

  29. Greetings from New Orleans – thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for the like on my Royal Mystery (which I’m still trying to solve, haha)! Your blog is great, and your artwork is fantastic. Vodou is also near and dear to my heart, so it feels very poigniant to me. Keep rocking! -Sooz

  30. jhasmoments says:

    Nice. I am glad to have visited. 🙂

  31. Thanks for visiting my blog! On our recent trip to Europe we visited lots of old churches and will be posting many photos of them over the next couple of months. Hope you like them.

  32. Mama V says:

    So happy to have found another Artist! Vodou is my faith as well and I am also an artist who loves to create and paint for the Loa. I look forward to reading more of your blog, you have such an unique background as well! It’s very nice to meet a fellow comrade in our faith. I can relate to your experiences of stupid jealous people, but like my husband tells me when they hate you, you are doing something right, you are sparking an emotion in them, whether it’s a good emotion or bad emotion, you’ve turned on a spark in them. Continue to be the strong woman you are! You got this! 🙂

  33. Thank you for ALL your visits on my sites … And for following me!
    Those red eyes are haunting …

  34. camillaguo says:

    Your life-sized painting “Roma-Amor” is beautiful. Thanks for liking my post! 😀

  35. ragdyand says:

    Your fully developed expression is fascinating and inspiring! I have a new interest in New Orleans culture. Thank you for sharing your energy and identity.

  36. J.N. says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s very interesting and your artwork is simply amazing! For sure I’ll keep coming back!

  37. Just wanted to stop by to say thanks so much for liking our latest post about bungy jumping in Japan. Much appreciated! 🙂

  38. Thanks for stopping by and liking our blog on http://www.eventandweddingtidbits.com. The black bouquets are quite stunning! Thanks again for dropping in!

  39. fruitandcake says:

    Hello everyone. Just found out your beautiful blog. Though I come from the kitchen world, I love what I see here and I’ll come back for sure. Bye, bye.

  40. Hi Sandra. Thanks for stopping by thefirstgates and liking a post. It led me to your blog, a wonderful find!

  41. bookpeeps says:

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Love your blog! Congrats. http://bookpeeps.org/2012/10/04/beautiful-blogger-award/

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