Some gothic art of mine….

Here I have some of my old and new drawings and paintings displayed.                   Romantic and gothic themes are some of my favorite subjects to work with.                          I love bright colors but I also like the pitch black of pen and the smudgy smoke of a pencil.

In this old painting of mine a 6 winged angel holds an abused woman and he heals her womb and her heart with his hands. When I was younger I dealt with some abuse and I was confused because I thought that It was love but It wasn’t and I painted this picture to make myself feel a bit better. It appears sensual and sexy but its really about healing, which is what I tried to do.

This painting I created when I was feeling at my worst suffering with depression and angst. I read about stigmata and the belief and old saying that “suffering is beautiful.” I painted and created art to get through my darkest days in life and I made it! Angels have always been my first love when it comes to painting and drawing. They make me feel alive and at peace, especially when I create angel’s wings. The angel in this painting symbolizes my sense of tranquility I felt when I suffered and needed someone to hold me and console me. I identify with the pain of the sufferer and all they go through just to be closer to god.

When I’m waiting for my paintings to dry I will often draw other subjects from my mind. This keeps my creative energy flowing and its good for the soul as an artist to stay busy doing your art. When I use Walnut oil, my painting may take a few weeks, when I use liquin I can be a bit quicker, either way I love it! I thought of drawing the catholic rosary whilst making my own vodou rosary for the lwa.

My oilbar and oil colour drawing titled “Red Head Eyes Red” Copyright c. 2011

This  abstract portrait of mine was inspired by the Ge Rouge, “Red Eyes”  aspect of the vodou lwa.

My Carbon pencil on paper drawing titled “Brotherhood” Copyright 2010

My pen and ink romance-themed drawing Copyright c. 2010

My Charcoal drawing on pastel paper titled “Guardienne” Copyright c. 2010

My Oil and graphite painting on Canvas. A Seraph playing violin for Erzulie Freda, the love goddess! Copyright c. 2010

One of my old romance themed ink drawings. “Kisses in the French Quarter”                          Copyright 2010

An old graphite drawing of mine, titled “Fede” ( Italian for Faith) Copyright 2010

My Graphite pencil drawing on paper, titled “Angel of Deception” Copyright c.2010

My Lithographic crayon drawing on paper, “Angel of the night” Copyright 2011

My Original Oilbar on Acrylic paper drawing. “The head of Archangel Michael” Copyright c. 2011

My original pen and ink drawing, titled “The Children’s Crusades”            Copyright c. 2011

I was reading about the Children’s Crusades in the year 1212, and I felt awful for the kids forced into the warfare. I put my own modern take on this subject, I drew a child resting after battle with a band-aid on his cheek!

My original Terra Cotta pastel on paper drawing, titled “Freda’s Tears”         Copyright c. 2011

In this piece I create Erzulie Freda as the blushing bride, she weeps because the world and its human limitations are not enough for her. She is not satisfied.

My original oil on Canvas painting, titled “The Marriage of Archangel Michael” Copyright c. 2011

Michael is my favorite angel, it is he who battled the enemy and won! I know St. Micheal’s prayer by heart and I always say it to myself when I feel negative energy around me.

My original Graphite pencil and Oil on canvas painting titled “Belial, Evil In the Sea” Copyright c. 2011

With this painting I wanted to portray what Belial would represent as an all encompassing evil angel. The blood of the innocent is in his mouth and on his hands. Weapons of death and destruction are all around him and he arises from the sea bringing war, death and suffering.

My artistic interpretation of the french mystery, Dinclinsin. Oil pastel on paper. Copyright c. 2011

Dinclinsin is another of the French Mysteries, those lwa that speak pure french when they possess someone. He is solemn and gloomy in this drawing, he is said to have a bad temper and a tendency to be cruel.

My original Graphite pencil and oil sketch on paper. Copyright c. 2011

This drawing is titled “The Imp In The Drapes.”

My original Graphite pencil, Terra Cotta, White chalk drawing on paper. Copyright c. 2011

Fallen angels resting their stiff limbs after battle. Titled “Eye Teeth After Battle.”

My original Graphite pencil and oil drawing on paper. Copyright c. 2011

My Romance themed drawing titled “The Seraphim’s Kiss” I got deep into the idea of sex with angels while reading Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s book: Encyclopedia of Angels. She also wrote a chapter on sex with demons, from her descriptions of Belial I received my inspiration to create a picture of him.

Photo of my oil and pencil drawing “Roma-Amor” Life-sized and framed. Copyright c. 2011

I am a true “Italophile” I love everything Italian, it is my favorite culture language and style of art. When I was a teeny bopper I was OBSESSED with the Italian renaissance masters and all of their artwork. I still am, I love how powerful and dramatic the old masters of Italy were able to paint and draw. Angels are my first love, I would draw cherubs all day and all night. The angels of the old renaissance period in Italia really inspired me to paint and draw life-sized work and to create angels of my own.  This drawing is called Roma-Amor after the great romantic city of Rome Italy. While going through my “lovey-dovey” sex with angels phase in my art, I created romantic themed pictures with angels as well. This drawing is my favorite because of the wings and the way the angel has his arms open. As if he is asking for love and affection and gesturing that he is willing to give his love and affection too. I have never been to Italy before but when I do go, I don’t think I’ll ever come back because I adore it so much! Hat tip to Aaron Bros. for doing such a wonderful job of taking my giant red canvas drawing that wasn’t even stretched and making it look amazing with the frame!

47 Responses to Some gothic art of mine….

  1. Although I am not a Christian, I love to create winged angels. For me, they represent god’s power protection and holiness, just like the power and guidance of the lwa.

  2. nice drwaing.. but what do u think about a place called hell?

    • Hello, I believe it is possible that there is a place, a realm, where demons and evil people go. I think people can create their own Hell on earth with their negative actions. Some people are depressed, some people are self-destructive and they can live a “hellish” life. The Christians and Catholics believe all who don’t worship Christ only, will go to Hell for example. I love Christian art, especially angels and the beautiful cherubs and halos. But I don’t like how they demonize and condemn other religions. God is everywhere and everything I don’t believe its just Christ ya know? If God were to come to earth in the flesh, maybe God would come as someone different not just Jesus. There’s always going to be a clash with religions, but you should go with your gut and choose the path that is right for you.

  3. Raven of Leyla says:

    Hello Erzulie,
    You have some beautiful artwork here. WOW!!! I love the Red Head Eyes Red, Freda’s Tears, the pencils and so many of these are just so expressive. I enjoy looking at Gothic Art it is so mysterious to me at times.

    • Hello Raven, thank you!Terra Cotta and Burnt Sienna are two of my favorite colours to work with when painting and drawing. It makes the picture look glowing and fiery. I was always a goth gal at heart I love this style of art the most! It gives you room to be dark or light, imaginary or realistic!

  4. I really love your art work, you are such a talented person. Thanks for allowing us to showcase your work in our film at USC. We are very grateful to you!

  5. Assia says:

    You clearly have a lot of talent and communicate your passions well through sacred art! Have you ever thought of exploring secular art as well?

  6. Ah Mz Erzulie
    Inspired stuff as always!
    Ever thought of doing a Tarot deck?
    Be a lot of work but you seem pretty prolific with your Art
    the Rev.,

  7. isabellart says:

    wow, impressive !!!

  8. John Woodcock says:

    Very powerful work, your emotions are flowing out of these, particularly struck by ‘Stigmata’.
    I am going to look up St. Michael’s prayer as I have been around a lot of negative energy recently. Thanks for showing me your work!

  9. lwolynez says:

    Really nice art work!

  10. I am thoroughly amazed at this body of work and I am really wondering why such a great post could not make it to the Freshly Pressed page of wordpress!

    These are beautiful. Accept my hearty congratulations and wishes for so many more works!


  11. stimulating… preesh.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed my posting on our walk along the Quirinal Hill in Rome three years ago.

  13. Abraham Lincoln says:

    I like your drawings in carbon pencil. I don’t think you have used a paper stump. I will have to post something and hope you see it that are carbon pencil and paper stump drawings.

  14. amenda67 says:

    Oh my you are very talented. These are beautiful works of art and so happy you have found a way to reach out during your darkest moments of depression and use your God given talent to do so. I draw and write for my therapy but nothing that is beautiful like this but my best therapy is continual prayer to God knowing God will send one of his angels or Prophets he feels is best suited to my situation into my life to help get me through those darkest moments. Since I’ve done this I don’t suffer with depression like I used to, instead I’ve drawn more strength in my life then ever thought possible. Peace be with you and mercy of God

  15. These pieces are chock FULL of expression! They’re very good!

  16. Angie Coleman says:

    Thanks for visiting my site. I like what you are doing here. I have also painted my guardian angel and while going through a rough patch I painted a woman being held and protected by a huge grizzly bear. Art is very healing and nothing has as much potential to expand the heart, mind and soul as art does. Keep up the good work.

  17. jhasmoments says:

    Great work. I have enjoyed. 🙂

  18. You create well in a variety of styles and media. The emotion in some is quite raw.

  19. I love your art, I can tell I am really going to enjoy this blog.

  20. Androgoth says:

    It is quite some time
    since I last visited…

    You are incredibly artistic my friend
    and thank you for requesting to view
    my Private Space 🙂

    Have a wickedly fine rest of weekend 🙂


    • Hey Androgoth thanks for visiting!! And thanx for welcoming me at your spot!! I’m having a great weekend, currently working on a nice painting for Baron La Kwa!! Fet Gede is coming soon! Enjoy your Sunday!

      • Androgoth says:

        That is really great my friend
        how far have you got with this
        fine project? 🙂 Sounds like a
        lot of fun 🙂

        Have a funtastic
        rest of evening 🙂


      • Hi! I’ve got my base sketch and colors ready and my Black Gesso base on the canvas. I’m starting with the foreground of the picture then finishing with the background. Its coming along great! You have a good evening too!

      • Androgoth says:

        Will it be harder doing it that way, I was thinking that the background would be easier to add first but hey you are the artist here so take no notice of me 🙂 lol I know that from your wonderful artistry on this page that you will do excellently 🙂 Be very well now and enjoy the rest of your evening 🙂


      • I usually start with the background first even though my high school art teacher always told us foreground, middle ground, and then background. But I don’t mind either way. Have a good one!

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