Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


My best friend and I posing at the party! New Years 2012

 My lovely New Years day was spent dancing the night and the wee hours of the morning away with family and friends at Pure, my favorite club.

Posing with the guy from LMFAO. New Years 2012

The party rock crew was hanging out on the strip waiting for the countdown… 

Fireworks New Years 2012

 The crowd was wild and packed, waiting for the Foreworks to go off on the strip intersection near the Bellagio….

The family! New Year 2012

 2011 was a zany year with ups and downs for me and my family. 2012 will be another bumpy ride with many surprises in store. There are predictions and prophesy that say 2012 is a year of doom and gloom. For me, more love, life, art and magick!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

About ErzulieRedEyesArtandSpirit

I love art, I enjoy oil painting and drawing anything I wish. Vodou is my faith and I enjoy creating artistic images of the lwa and spiritual subjects. I also paint and draw other subjects when I'm inspired! When i'm not painting and drawing I enjoy dancing, and spending time with my family. My favorite medium is Oil but I also love to work with graphite pencil, pastels, pen and ink.
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10 Responses to Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  1. rumpydog says:

    Oh Dog! Happy New Year! It’s very nice to see you!

  2. Raven of Leyla says:

    Where you live is certainly different from where I am, but it looks like you had a fun time. Friends and family are what makes the world go round.
    Hope you have a wonderful year ahead and I look forward to getting to know you through this magical world of cyberspace.
    Raven 😉

  3. Androgoth says:

    Happy New Year 2012 to you too my friend, I do
    hope that you are having a very evening and are
    looking forward to a wickedly enjoyable weekend
    also 🙂 Have a fine Thursday now 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

  4. Deb says:

    Happy New Year, and my best wishes to you and your family!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time… A Belated Happy New year to you xx Love and Blessings and Bright wishes for a great 2012

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