Me and Madame Marie Laveau

Standing by the tomb of Marie Laveau Copyright c.2010

      Mardi Gras 2010, a GREAT celebration! My family and I went to the cemetery near Basin St. to visit Marie Laveau’s gravesite. I didn’t mark her grave, I saluted her and left. On this page I dedicate some space for Queen Marie Laveau.                                          Honor be to Queen Marie Laveau!

My photo of Marie Laveau's tomb plaque c. 2010

Posing by a Lounge named after Marie Laveau Copyright c. 2010-2011

 Here I stand near a lounge named after the great New Orleans Vodou  queen Marie Laveau. My family and I cruised around the French Quarter, busy taking snapshots, so we didn’t stop for a drink just yet!

Me posing near St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA. Copyright c. 2011

 Here I pose In front of the gateway to St. Louis Cathedral In New Orleans, LA.           Marie Laveau would attend mass and church regularly here.

My photo of the inside of St. Louis Church. Copyright c. 2011

    This is a snapshot of the altar inside St. Louis Cathedral, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Learned an interesting fact from our tour guide, if ever you get lost, the church is the center of the city!

My photo of the mansion of Delphine LaLaurie. Copyright c. 2011

   My family and I took a nice “Ghost” tour while we were in New Orleans. It was fun, being out at night walking around the city and its “Haunted” places! A major stop on the tour was the house of Delphine LaLaurie. My camera was dying, but I hurried up and took a picture. The tour guide had our group standing across the street in front of the LaLaurie house. And I was very scared, even standing on the outside of that place was creepy! In the very top window in the middle, there is a figure behind the glass. I  don’t believe in “ghost” photos, but I do think it’s not just the light. Very subtle, but I believe I caught somebody!    Delphine killed so many people in that house I would not be surprised if the place was haunted by angry spirits. The house is up for sale, Nicholas Cage moved out long ago and now he’s looking for a buyer: 

Me, walking through the graveyard. Copyright c. 2011

Me, my brother, and my grandfather posing with musician Fats Domino!

 My grandfather is a native to New Orleans, born in the 9th ward raised up with really cool country folk! Fats Domino is an actual childhood friend of my grandfather, they used to hang out and play together! He is another famous Creole of New Orleans just like Marie Laveau. Here we are above, posing near the outdoor jazz cafe in the French quarter!

My Lubov posing in the cemetery.....

My snapshot of a beautiful cherub watching over a tomb in St. Louis Cemetery No.1 New Orleans, Louisiana.

Me, my Lubov, my grandfather posing grim and cool near a palatial tomb in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

 Death is not the end and life is eternal. Which is what I learned from Vodou, the lwa and God. I don’t fear being near the “dead” or the places they now rest or reside. I know that my body is my shell and my spirit is forever. My grandfather is one of my biggest role models in my life. He has taught me alot about longevity and living life to the fullest no matter how “old” you are. No matter who goes first or last, I know that I have God, the lwa, and the ancestors. And oneday my family and I will all be together again in spirit, for always.

Posing with Limestone grave art in the St. Louis cemetery...

10 Responses to Me and Madame Marie Laveau

  1. Here is a great website with some fun facts about Marie Laveau at French

  2. Looks like you had fun, I love New Orleans and your artwork is wonderful.

  3. Anastasia says:

    I’ve noticed the young man on your photo is called Lubov…. Russian ;-)?

  4. History Channel video on Marie Laveau Glapion:

  5. Wonderful photos, you guys covered a lotta ground. Your grandfather sounds like a cool guy. I enjoyed the story of his being childhood friends with Fats Domino. Lovely post, many thanks for the tour! : )

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