“Sketching A Water Lwa”

Vodou Lwa Clermeil rising from the water. Oil Colour Pencil sketch on Linen Canvas Pad. Copyright c.2012

Oil paints, pens and pencils on my work table.

    Preparing a new painting for Vodou water spirit Clermeil and creating my base colours to begin his picture! I am enjoying the Blue-ish Grey hazy skies and rains we have had in my city. So now I will create a scene with Clermeil rising from the sea and a nice rainy sky in his background….

About ErzulieRedEyesArtandSpirit

I love art, I enjoy oil painting and drawing anything I wish. Vodou is my faith and I enjoy creating artistic images of the lwa and spiritual subjects. I also paint and draw other subjects when I'm inspired! When i'm not painting and drawing I enjoy dancing, and spending time with my family. My favorite medium is Oil but I also love to work with graphite pencil, pastels, pen and ink.
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10 Responses to “Sketching A Water Lwa”

  1. I love your art 🙂 thank you for sharing Sue x

  2. abichica says:

    i have no idea what a water lou is but i have to tell you that you are a very talented painter, that picture is brilliant.. so beautiful.. 🙂

  3. How are those cloudy days paints coming along?? 😉 Just calling by to say Hello and have a good weekend ~Sue

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