“You Are The Prettiest Bleu In The World”

A veve for Freda in the Ultramarine mist. Oil colour on canvas. Copyright c. 2012

Traditional Haitian vodou song for the lwa Ezili Freda In Kreyol and English:                                                                                                                                                         In Haitian Kreyol:  “Ezili O Kay la mande oze,  Ezili O Kay la mande oze, Ezili O Kay la mande oze, Si nen pwen dlo, oze lavek loksyon.”   In English: “Ezili O, the house needs sprinkling,
Ezili O, the house needs sprinkling, Ezili O, the house needs sprinkling, If there is no water, sprinkle lotion!”

Vodou Lwa Metres Mambo Ezili Freda Daome in the bleu clouds. Oil Colour On Canvas. Copyright c. 2012

French Ultramarine Blue is the most beautiful blue in the world! For me, a nice blood-red or a deep blue is the colour of love. Many people think Love is wishy wash, airy fairy nonsense. Its phony, unreal, rare or next to impossible to obtain in this world. There is a lot of hatred, pain and suffering in this world but true love does exist and persists through all evil.  In Vodou Ezili Freda Dahomey is often called the “Love goddess” but any of the lwa can bring you love, luck, whatever you need assistance with in life, they are there! I won’t knock the title from her though, through spellwork she has brought me a lot of joy, happiness and I have met some really cool people because of her! She can treat females like her rivals, ruin and wreck relationships because of her tendency to be jealous of women. Still she is a sweet and loving spirit to all who serve her and petition for her help. Men are treated like kings by her, If you are a man, Freda will shower you with all her love and affection, you will be spoiled rotten with her attention. Her sacred colours are pink and white, the perfect hues for the pampered princess that she is! Her offerings are never cheap she wants only the best of everything and she never enters a peristyle unless the entire house is super clean! When it comes to a marriage to this lwa she is popular with all men including gay males. The man who marries her is a lucky man, he will have all of her love, protection and blessings. In my painting for Freda, she has 3 pink roses at her chest symbolizing the 3 rings she wears for her mates. She wears 3 gold wedding rings for her husbands, Dambala Wedo, Met Agwe Tawoyo, and Ogoun Feray.  Ogoun is a husband of Freda’s and he is a lwa who is also often popularly called upon to bring love and romance as well. The big strong Nago warrior has a heart of gold and he knows what women want, he is a true ladies’ man of the vodou pantheon. When Freda possesses a vodouisant she will greet everyone with her pinkies and you will shake her pinky fingers. It’s very cute and coquettish, she will hug and kiss all of the men. No matter what you serve her with or how many gifts she receives, Freda will often cry during vodou ceremonies because material things never amount to what she really desires and wants in her heart. I can sympathize with this, I’m sure many other people can as well. Sometimes even when we are spoiled or we spoil ourselves it never adds up to what’s missing inside. But no food or present or pretty little thing can ever really replace the fulfillment of true love.  When you find real love, grab it and hold on tight and never let it go!!

About ErzulieRedEyesArtandSpirit

I love art, I enjoy oil painting and drawing anything I wish. Vodou is my faith and I enjoy creating artistic images of the lwa and spiritual subjects. I also paint and draw other subjects when I'm inspired! When i'm not painting and drawing I enjoy dancing, and spending time with my family. My favorite medium is Oil but I also love to work with graphite pencil, pastels, pen and ink.
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17 Responses to “You Are The Prettiest Bleu In The World”

  1. mercydoll says:

    Lovely. If it wasn’t for Her in my life, I would never have felt beautiful on the inside and out.

    • Hi there thanx! I like doing spellwork with her because she brings this warmth that I can’t really explain.

      • mercydoll says:

        To be honest, I used to be scared of Her because I assume She wouldn’t like me. I gave Her offerings to be nice when I was younger, then years later She just “out of the blue” helped me with my self confidence. She is so sweet (when you get Her calm side).

      • Yes, many of the lwa can have a rocky temperament. Erzulie can be like a woman who is competing with other women but she’s still sweetness.

      • mercydoll says:

        Spirits and Deities with rocky temperaments. Oh how I know that so well lol. But I agree. They are who They are but They can suprise you if you give Them a chance.

      • That’s true, for instance, Papa Legba and his love of playing pranks on people. Some say Papa Legba can play mean and impish tricks on people others say they never had a bad experience with him. I’ve always had fun and pleasant surprises with Papa Legba in my life.

      • mercydoll says:

        I mostly met Papa Legba in my dreams and is very helpful and wise. Never had that done on me as far as I know. Though, I serve Deities who is known to be “tricksters”. I personally look at the jokes or “pranks” as lessons personally and as long as it doesn’t harm me or anyone, I don’t have issues with that and I am used to it.

      • I like Jokes and pranks myself, I can be a big goofball so I don’t mind Papa Legba being silly.

  2. Youtube Video from the Haitian Vodou societe Tipa Tipa and a marrriage ceremony to Erzili Freda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSHZkmw7S28

  3. cheshirecatman says:

    Your handling of the veve and the clouds is breathtaking! Beautiful work.

  4. KC says:

    Whew. Beautiful colors…and you can feel the spirit behind it so clearly. I almost choked when I looked at Her face and saw the look in Her eyes. The hair and face and flowers and dress are all so girly and sweet…but the eyes are total “Don’t F*** with Me or I’ll Eat Your Soul” I’d be willing to bet that if you showed the picture to a man they wouldn’t see that…but is that Her hiding it, or just their unobservant nature? 😉

    I resonate to Trickster in all his myriad forms and faces. Coyote is my usual contact point, although Raven, Ananzi, Murphy and Legba/Ellegua have all made visits and requests. I do the best I can to keep the world on its toes, and sometimes on its bum, whichever is needed most at the time. Thank you for sharing your awesome art and words!

  5. Woaah, the first one is beautiful!

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