“Erzulie Red Eyes, The Separate Entity.”

Erzulie Red Eyes, as her own spirit.Original Oil painting on Canvas sheet. Copyright c. 2011

Erzulie Red Eyes is a spirit that walks so closely with Erzulie Dantor, some Vodouisants say that she IS Dantor herself. But Erzulie Red Eyes Is also said to be her own spirit, a seperate entity apart from Metres Dantor. This spirit is considered to be very dangerous. She is histrionic and violent, enraged and full of sorrow. Powerful negative emotion comes pouring from the core of this lwa. Those possessed by Ezili Zye Wouj will have the appearance of someone with extremely bloodshot eyes. The Ge rouge lwa always inspire me to look deep within myself, and take all the darkness inside me and use it for better in my life. Out of darkness and despair comes light, love and happiness after all! Here she Is, Erzulie Red Eyes, as I see her in the flesh, the separate entity!                                         Famous sacred songs of her sister spirit: “The Day I am Run Down”                 In Haitian Kreyol:                                                                                                                      “Jou ma’ koule
Jou ma’ koule
Jou ma’ koule
Map vomi sang mwen bay yo!”
 In plain English:
“The day I am run down
The day I am run down
The day I am run down
I will vomit my blood and give it to them!” 

“Seven Stabs of The Knife” In Haitian Kreyol:                                                         “Set kout kouto, set kout pwenya,
Prete m dedin a pou m al vomi sang mwen,
Set kout kouto, set kout pwenya, prete m dedin a pou                                              
m al vomi sang mwen, sang mwen ape  koule!”                                                               In plain English:
“Seven stabs of the knife, seven stabs of the sword
Hand me that basin, I am going to vomit blood
the blood runs down.”

About ErzulieRedEyesArtandSpirit

I love art, I enjoy oil painting and drawing anything I wish. Vodou is my faith and I enjoy creating artistic images of the lwa and spiritual subjects. I also paint and draw other subjects when I'm inspired! When i'm not painting and drawing I enjoy dancing, and spending time with my family. My favorite medium is Oil but I also love to work with graphite pencil, pastels, pen and ink.
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17 Responses to “Erzulie Red Eyes, The Separate Entity.”

  1. Again a wonderful painting. You’re great!

  2. cheshirecatman says:

    Wow, I think this is one of my favorite paintings yet. Your depiction of her seems to encompass a wide range of qualities—strength, vulnerability, determination, beauty, danger.

    • Hello Cheshire, thank you! I wanted to create her portrait and convey anger and beauty at the same time in her eyes. I spent some time watching wisps of smoke from some incense that I burn to create the foggy shadows in her portrait.

  3. cheshirecatman says:

    You painted the smoke really well. I was actually wondering if it was Photoshopped in 🙂

  4. This is a beautiful painting, I love her face and how you identify with her. I agree that love, light and happiness comes from the darkness. I have created some of my best art and writing while in this dark place. Thanks for liking “The Fire in My Heart”.

  5. Here comes Metres Dantor! She enters the body of a vodouisant during worship. Video of ceremony for petro lwa from La Belle Deesse vodou temple:

  6. munchow says:

    It’s a very beautiful painting. Very expressive and symbolic. I don’t necessarily relate to vodou, but I think we all need to face the darkness inside of ourselves. And if we can turn the darker sides of ourselves into light, love and happiness, we have really accomplished something.

  7. Amazing Art work… brilliantly captured.. Thank you for commenting upon my own artwork.. There is indeed Darkness and Light within the world.. But without the Dark we wouldnt know of the light.. Balance as you say is the Key…. Let us hope Erzulie that we can help the world bring about that balance as we head into a year I know will challenge many.. Blessings.. ~Dreamwalker

  8. Owlsight says:

    Awesome painting. I know nothing about Voodoo, but I know a cool looking painting when I see one. I think this one is my favorite on your whole page. Keep it up!

  9. mercydoll says:

    Simply beautiful.

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