“Simbi In The Nimbostratus”

               Simbi Andezo, Simbi Dlo ’round God’s cross in a rain storm. Oil colour on Linen Canvas sheet.                                    Copyright c. 2011

In my painting for Simbi I used the old Roman crucifix for symbolism of God. Vodou is called evil and satanic by popular opinion, but truth is, the Vodou lwa come from God. All energy, all life and all spirits are only possible through God. Without Bon Dieu, there is nothing!                                                                                                                                    Simbi Dlo is Simbi of the water and Andezo is Simbi in two waters.                                      You can find Simbi Dlo in springs, streams, any fresh body of water, he will be there. Simbi Andezo loves salt water and fresh water. The cycle of water in nature is Andezo’s main focus but he is also a powerful magician like Simbi Makaya. Simbi Andezo is a good friend of Ogoun Feray, they are comrades. These spirits are only a small part of a huge family with many, many different Simbi lwa.  If one makes a ritual for Simbi and soon afterward rain comes, this is a good sign from Papa Simbi!                                                    The Simbi spirits are all Petro lwa, they hail from the Kongo, in Africa.                             Gran Simba is considered the mother of all Simbi lwa.                                                         When it rains, when it pours, look up into the Nimbus and think of Simbi!

A traditional Haitian Kreyol song for Simbi  Andezo:                                                                                                                       “Simbi Andezo! Sa ki fe yo pa vle we mwen yo poko konen mwen.                          Yo bay mwen pwen a; se pou m mache la nwit, O! Simbi Andezo!                        Sa ki fe yo pa vle we mwen yo poko konen mwen.”  

In English:                                                                                                                                   “Simbi Andezo! The reason why they don’t want to see me is because they don’t yet know me. They gave me the magic spell; it’s so that I can walk in the night, oh! Simbi Andezo! The reason why they don’t want to see me is because they don’t yet know me.”

About ErzulieRedEyesArtandSpirit

I love art, I enjoy oil painting and drawing anything I wish. Vodou is my faith and I enjoy creating artistic images of the lwa and spiritual subjects. I also paint and draw other subjects when I'm inspired! When i'm not painting and drawing I enjoy dancing, and spending time with my family. My favorite medium is Oil but I also love to work with graphite pencil, pastels, pen and ink.
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6 Responses to “Simbi In The Nimbostratus”

  1. A classic from the 90’s, the band RAM sings a tune for Simbi in Two Waters:

  2. cheshirecatman says:

    I love this painting. Part of the reason is the scales on the snakes, another reason is the individual drops of water. But the main reason is that it is powerful and moves me on a deeper level that I can’t really define.

    • Hi there! Thanks Cheshire! I always loved the rain! My favorite weather is when the clouds are light to medium blue-ish gray with light rain. I have a relative from the country who used to create wallets and belts from real snake skin. I had to find the teeny tiniest detail brushes I could to get the water droplets just right!

  3. A beautiful song I listened to while painting for Simbi and watching the clouds, “Listen To The Rain” by Evanescence:

  4. Raven of Leyla says:

    Beautiful blog and I am amazed by the art and what I am learning :D. I love the Evanescene tune, excellant!
    I want to take this moment to nominate you for a couple awards for your lovely blog it is a friendly place you have here. You may pick them up here: http://ravenofleyla.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/candle-lighter-award/
    The rules are to share them with some bloggers. If you have previouly received more than one award you may add it to your list. If you do not accept awards, that is fine too, no problem.
    Nonetheless, I appreciate blogging with you and think you are worthy of these and more. Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Raven! Thank you very much for the award! I truly appreciate it! I was also given the stylish blogger award by Cheshire of the Hermit’s Journey blog, he ‘s great! Evanescence is a great rock band one of my favorites, because Amy Lee has a beautiful voice! Thanks again!

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