Bloggers with style awards!!

   My blog was recently awarded the stylish blogger award by sculptor extraordinaire and art connoisseur Cheshire Cat of Hermit’s Journey! My blog is very unique and my work is specialized, so I was very honored to receive this award!  Now, I shall list 7 things about myself and then award other bloggers I enjoy reading!

       1.) I am a rollercoaster enthusiast! My husband and I travel across the country riding the best coasters in the world. We are Six Flags season pass holders and we like to ride!  My favorites would be El Toro, Kingda Ka, Goliath, Tatsu, And Top Thrill Dragster. It NEVER gets old! I love it!

        Kingda Ka front row, the fastest and tallest coaster in the world so far, at 128 mph in 6 seconds, 458 ft in the sky! Not a good ride if you’re bringing little bitty kids for their first ride. The speed of the ride is so fast, its not really scary, its just so quick there is no time to be scared. If you put your hands up, you can dislocate your shoulder or break your arm:  

Me and the tallest coaster in the world! (And a serious case of rollercoastr hair, lol.) 6 Flags New Jersey

  El Toro front row, one of the best “woodie” coasters in the world, the speed was so quick my sunglasses almost flew off my face once:                                      

My snapshot of Woodie coaster "El Toro" 6 Flags New Jersey

 Nitro was a nice ride too, one of the best steel coasters in the world: 

Buckling up for the coaster! 6 Flags San Francisco, riding "Kong"


Snapshot of me and my Lubov at 6 Flags Magic Mountain!


Me and my Lubov riding X2 6 Flags Magic Mountain

2.) I like to dance, I often go out to the nightclub with my husband and we hit alot of pool parties in the summer. Very nice time to enjoy the weather here in Vegas! I appreciate all kinds of music, but European house music puts out alot of good beats! So House is our choice for dancing, partying and having a good time!   Me at Vodou lounge at the Rio in Las Vegas:

Photo of me posing near vodou symbols of Ogoun St, Jacques and Badagris on the carpeting of Vodou lounge at Rio Las Vegas! Copyright c. 2011

Photo of me posing near Vodou Lounge wall art at the Rio club. Modeled after Baron La Croix! Copyright c. 2011

   My husband and I had not been to the “Vodou Lounge” at the Rio yet, so I was excited to see some actual veves of the lwa in the decoration of the club!

Waiting in line to get into EDC 2011

Posing with Party animals at EDC!

Posing with Party animals at EDC!

My snapshot of the crowd at ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL 2011!

Me and my Lubov at EDC! Electric Daisy Carnival 2011!

 3.) I am a self-taught artist, I am the only painter in my family. The first oil pastel drawing I ever did in my life was in my 2nd grade art class. It was a picture of a Vodou dance around a bonfire. My 2nd grade teacher placed my drawing in a local gallery for showing and I was so dazzled! I kept working with oils from then on. 

   4.) I collect Mardi Gras Coconuts from the Zulu floats, I try to visit each year for Mardi Gras and to see family down there in Louisiana.

    5.) I am a big horror movie fan! I think I get it from my dad we would stay up late watching old episodes from Count Cool Ryder’s horror movie shows. I remember going to get his autograph when I was little! I like asian horror films best for their original stories and the plots and twists. My favorite movies would be: “Imprint,” “Grotesque,” and “Audition.” The french make good scary movies too though!

 6.) I love dogs, so me and Legba get along just fine! Dogs are sacred animals to Papa Alegba. I have a tiny chihuahua and a black cat.

Me and my puppy!

 7.) I am something like a “foodie” but at least I don’t get fat! I can cook up some really good  New Orleans cuisine but Italian food is my favorite. I visit many of the great restaurants here in the city, my husband and I enjoy dining. We like to eat at Zefferino’s at The Venetian, a lovely Italian restaurant.

My family and I enjoying New Orleans seafood!


              The style awards go to….

  1.) Denise Alvarado’s blog for hoodoo and New Orleans Vodou:   I love Denise’s paintings, her art is creative and always eye-catching! She has a nice journal she publishes on the craft of conjuring!       

  2.) The Hermit’s Journey: 

     This blog provides insight into the world of Vodou and working with the spirits from a real life vodouisant. The author of the blog is an art collector, and talented artist himself. When he sculpts the clay comes alive in his hands, his figures are vivid and imaginative.

 3.) A lovely blog for those who appreciate art from the old and contemporary masters: 

  4.) Artists’ blog from prodigy and Painter Akiane Kramarik. She produces beautiful pictures of christian inspired art, she says she was inspired by god to paint. I ‘m not Christian myself but I do love angels and viewing religious art:

5.) The blog of Mambo Samantha Corfield:  Mambo Sam grew up with New Orleans Voodoo and she is also a Haitian Mambo Asogwe! She is kind, smart, and her magic is very powerful.

  6.) The blog of Houngan Hector! He is a master of magic and provides information on Santeria and Dominican Vodou as well as  Haitian: 

 7.) Bokor Marco, a vodouisant from Deutschland! He teaches everyone about Haitian vodou in his country. Learn German or translate his blog:

                                                                                Mè konpliman!!! Congratulations everyone!

About ErzulieRedEyesArtandSpirit

I love art, I enjoy oil painting and drawing anything I wish. Vodou is my faith and I enjoy creating artistic images of the lwa and spiritual subjects. I also paint and draw other subjects when I'm inspired! When i'm not painting and drawing I enjoy dancing, and spending time with my family. My favorite medium is Oil but I also love to work with graphite pencil, pastels, pen and ink.
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6 Responses to Bloggers with style awards!!

  1. louisey says:

    Love the pics! And these are great links, many thanks.

  2. If you haven’t been to Daisy carnival yet, get out there and ENJOY!

  3. this blog has amazing stuff!congratulations!

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