“The Marassa, twin spirits, twin souls.”

The Marassa are the twin spirits of the vodou faith. They are young children but they are wise and powerful lwa! They are considered to be the first children of God.  The saints Damian and Cosmas are syncretized with the Marassa lwa.  I have created here a male and female twin to represent the Marassa and they are cloaked in hooded white robes. They look alike, yet they have their own male and female identity. They huddle cheek to cheek together like brother and sister. A veve of the Marassa Trois is written upon a scroll and two lit candles stand before the twins. One candle represents the Petro rites and the other candle represents the Rada rites. The Marassa are among the most important of the lwa and they are served offerings of goodies which children would enjoy.

Honor be to the Marassa, the sacred twins of vodou!