“Erzulie Dantor’s song”

My creative Interpretation of 7 Stabs Of The Knife, Dantor's Song. Original Oil colour on canvas. Copyright c. 2011


     This is my creative interpretation of 7 stabs of the knife, Erzulie Dantor in all her ferocious and warrior glory! In the song for Erzulie Danto,                                                     “Say hey! 7 stabs of the knife! 7 stabs of the sword! Hand me that basin! I’m going to vomit blood!”  This spirit vomits her blood to show her strength and to mark her enemies. Here I have Dantor wearing a head scarf with her traditional ceremonial colors, Navy Blue and Gold. Her eyes are dilated and distorted by her rage and blood bursts from her pupils. She explodes and blood splashes everywhere, gushing from her mouth and flowing like a river. Pieces of bolis and tiny blood clots leak from the daggers that float near her face. Battle scars are marked upon her cheek. She is fierce, she is bold and no wound can take her down.

 The image traditionally used to worship her is the Black Madonna Czestochowa and Dantor is often referred to as a “Djab” or wild spirit.                                                              The jewelry and the daggers represent some of Dantor’s favorite offerings, her favorite drink is the delicious Creme De Cacao.                                                                                           Although Dantor can be aggressive, she is a loving protective mother, a great guardian to all who seek her help and showers those who serve her with many blessings.

 Honor be to Erzulie Dantor, Zye wouj, Seven Stabs of The Knife! 

About ErzulieRedEyesArtandSpirit

I love art, I enjoy oil painting and drawing anything I wish. Vodou is my faith and I enjoy creating artistic images of the lwa and spiritual subjects. I also paint and draw other subjects when I'm inspired! When i'm not painting and drawing I enjoy dancing, and spending time with my family. My favorite medium is Oil but I also love to work with graphite pencil, pastels, pen and ink.
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6 Responses to “Erzulie Dantor’s song”

  1. foxpudding says:

    Very strong, this one. It is a pleasure to meet you and your work. Interesting stuff.

  2. Hello, thank you. I wanted to make this painting fierce and bold for Dantor’s song.

  3. I love her colors, for the next painting I do for Danto, I think I’ll put her in a deep blue priestess gown with a golden yellow hair scarf!

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  5. Morrighan says:

    this post made me think of my humanities class last winter, i took the class on the arts and the man in the cosmos class to. i’ve got to make visit your blog tommorrow when i will have lots of time to read it. i take my cat to the vet and he has to stay for 6 hours,not to bad since he has wifi and a waiting room so i’m gonna stay there with him since it’s so long of a drive there. then i’m gonna camp out here at your blog! 🙂

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