“Marinette Bwa Chech”

Worship of Marinette is growing in southern parts of Haiti, her name translates to  Marinette Dry Wood. It Is believed that Marinette was burned alive for fighting against slavery and for being apart of the Bois Caiman ceremony that kicked off the Haitian revolution.                                                                                                                                            She helped start the slave revolt in Haiti which led to the revolution. Mambo Marinette and Houngan Dutty Boukman led a ceremony for Ogoun on a hot August night back in 1791. Together, they invoked the spirit of Erzulie Dantor, the ceremony was held at a sacred place in Haiti called Bois Caiman, Alligator Woods. Marinette sacrificed a black pig for Erzulie Dantor. Dantor was called upon to fight against slavery and the attacks on the Haitian people as a whole. Because of this ceremony, and the people and the lwa working together, Haiti became the first independent black republic!                                               Many will remember the fresh mouth of Pat Robertson, who said “a pact with the devil was made.”  Well, Dantor is no demon or devil and she was invoked to fight against slavery and help the Haitian people. If she was evil she would never have shown up and helped anyone at all!                                                                                                          During ceremony held for her in Haitian Vodou, called “Brule Marinette” an effigy of a woman sits in a chair in the middle of a bonfire and spiritual artifacts are placed with the figure along with the animal to be sacrificed, (a black goat). Basically, a woman is placed in a chair and set on fire, burned alive just as Marinette was burned alive. This ritual is done to honor her martyrdom and invoke her rage against enemies. Brise, a lwa of the woods also comes in the form of an Owl, just as Marinette does. When she possesses someone they will have crabbed and stiff hands like a person with severe arthritic limbs. Marinette is the wife of he who eats fire, Ti Jean Petro.

Honor be to Marinette Bwa Chech!